Cassidy Zahar - Biography

Twenty-two year old singer songwriter, Cassidy Zahar, originally from Smoky Lake Alberta continues to wow crowds everywhere with her strong, distinct and unique voice that appeals to fans of all ages. Although she is rooted in classic country and folk, Cassidy loves performing all genres including Americana, old time rock ’n roll, R&B, blues and jazz. Now living in Edmonton, Cassidy is a recent graduate from Macewan University's Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music with a major in Vocal Performance. She is honing her skills and continues to expand her horizons in the Western Canadian music industry.   


    Cassidy has achieved several major highlights in her career so far. She performs regularly with corporate house band, ‘The Million Dollar Dreamers’ at Halley’s Club in the Starlight Casino of West Edmonton Mall. She is also often found performing in various Edmonton venues such as Cafe Blackbird, Mill Creek Cafe, The Station and The Rec Room. Recently Cassidy was featured in an all-women’s showcase, ‘Drop The Mic: Girls Tour,’ in March 2018 with her folk and blues band ‘Cassidy and the Sundance.’ Together they also opened for country band Doc Walker at Knoxville’s Tavern in February 2018 and were again featured there in June 2018 for the 'Country Showdown'. Cassidy opened for country singer Brett Kissel during his “Hometown Homecoming Concert” in June 2016 in St. Paul, Alberta and country singer Tim Hus on her 18th birthday in March of 2016. 

Other highlights include being a part of the “ATB Road to the Main-Stage” program from 2014-16 and placing in the top five each year. She also took part in the “Global Country” program from 2012-15 where she flew to Nashville TN in 2013 to represent Canada in the 'North American Country Music Awards International’ competition, bringing home three trophies for Canada. Additionally, Cassidy was presented with the “Dianne Branson Rising Star Award” from the Alberta Men and Women of Country Music in 2013.  


Giving back to her community has always been an integral part of Cassidy’s music and life. She can often be found sharing her talents with the seniors of her community, performing in lodges and nursing homes for special occasions such as Christmas events and birthday parties. It is through her music that Cassidy hopes the seniors in our communities will know that they are valued and appreciated.

In May of 2019, Cassidy travelled to Cambodia were she and several fellow university students volunteered by teaching music to the children in rural Siem Reap. 


Songwriting is a relatively newfound love and passion for Cassidy. It is only within her last four years in university that she has truly blossomed as a songwriter. All of Cassidy’s songs are fuelled by an honest, heartfelt passion and a sense of insistent truth. She is a fan of simplicity and makes it a priority to use her songs to tell stories. Cassidy hopes others who listen to her music will feel a connection to the lyrics and find their own meaning within her carefully crafted words and thoughtful progressions.  

Cassidy is looking forward to completing her master's degree in Music Management from the University of Sheffield in England in the fall of 2020. 


When not performing or writing music, Cassidy loves dedicating her time to teaching her music students. Reading is another one of her favourite hobbies, as is gardening and taking in live music shows.

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